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Our key objectives include innovation endorsement, caring for the environment and the communities we serve, and enhancing customer satisfaction through the provision of fresh vegetables that cater for our customers’ needs.

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The GBI Greenhouse Ltd (GGL) Farm has been operational in the professional horticulture and intensive growing industry; cultivating and marketing high quality fresh vegetables since its inception in 2019, in Malawi. GGL Farm is considered one of the largest greenhouse enterprises of its kind, in the SADC region. The 30 hectare vegetable farm is comprised of: 16 Ha of high tech greenhouses, soilless media to ensure minimal usage of chemicals in crop production, state-of-the-art Israeli technologies, grading & packing facilities, cold storage, in-house training centers, and advanced farm management systems.


To be a leading, international fresh produce greenhouse farm that partners with our stakeholders to deliver to them and to the communities we serve, a professional and innovative product offering; to contribute towards the fulfillment of world food demand.


The GBI Greenhouse Ltd (GGL) Farm aims to achieve this vision by:

  • Offering products and services that exceed customer expectations
  • Maintaining consistency in the availability of fresh produce throughout the year
  • Endorsing diversity and innovation in organizational operations
  • Prioritizing equity and capacity building schemes


Healthy Nutrition: Growing a wide variety of vegetables to feed all generations.

Environmental Protection and Value Creation: Preserving the land and creating value for present and future generations.

Culture of Care: Caring for customers, employees, and the environment.

Quality Control

Our advanced technologies controlling our greenhouse environments have been designed to optimize conditions within these environments with the purpose of maximizing crop growth, crop development rate, and product quality. Product quality is a very critical factor to our organization due to our customer-centricity and our devotion towards delivering value to all our stakeholders. The greenhouse environments and storage facilities are tailored to ensure products gain extra value i.e. enhanced vegetative vigor, nutritional quality and extended post-harvest shelf life. Our technologies have also been designed to effectively control pests and diseases.

Advanced Technology

The farm is operated using soilless Israeli technology, facilitating our sustainable crop production.  

Smart Irrigation Systems

Our controllers utilize local weather data to develop irrigation run-time adjustments; ensuring crops receive adequate nutrition.

Public-private Partnership

We work closely with the government of Malawi in providing high quality and consistent fresh produce, to serve local and international markets.

On our 30 Hectare Agricultural Production Unit, we are constructing an additional 16 Hectares of greenhouses to capacitate our routine product and service portfolio expansion initiatives.


Project- GGL-Greenhouses

In February 2021, GGL Farm commenced the expansion of its Training and Capacity building Center to accommodate more people in the organization’s structured training programs, on rural and agricultural subjects


Project – GGL Greenhouses

Improved market initiatives to meet local and export market demand.


Project – GGL Greenhouses

Latest News

Read our latest news below to keep updated with all our operations.

Launching the On-Farm Training Center

Launching the On-Farm Training Center

One of the main challenges of any agricultural enterprise is its long-term commercial sustainability, namely, its capacity to survive profitably and self sustainably on a long-term basis. Agricultural and agro-industrial activities are basically technology-based...

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GGL Seedling Nursery Now at Full Capacity

GGL Seedling Nursery Now at Full Capacity

One of the most important production units on the farm is the germination and seedling nursery. The purpose is the production and growth of healthy seedlings. Which can then be transplanted in the greenhouses. In a well managed and well operated nursery, germination...

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