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About Us

We bring years of experience in the production of high quality fresh vegetables, ensuring our fresh-produce is delivered to our customers in a timely manner.

Our Story

In April 2019, Inosselia Agro Africa Ltd and Greenbelt Authority formed a Public-Private Partnership with the purpose of implementing one of the largest greenhouse operations (GGL Farm) in the SADC region. The operation commenced with a piece of land in Malawi on which nothing besides wild plants grew. This piece of land has now been transfigured into a GGL vegetable farm that provides a sustainable and consistent supply of fresh vegetable produce to its customers, throughout the whole year.


GGL Farm is managed by a devoted international team, with specialization in greenhouse and open field vegetable production. At the heart of our operations is the strive to build human capital, to ensure each individual reaches their full potential; an in-house training center has been constructed for the capacity building of personnel, local farmers, and agricultural entrepreneurs. Concurrently, our organization creates job opportunities for local people to transfer to them, the skills and knowledge required for effective agricultural practices.

Key Attributes

One of the largest greenhouse enterprises of its kind, in the SADC region.

Key Attributes

Public-Private Partnership with the Government of Malawi

Key Attributes

Internship OpportunitiesĀ  for University Students & Employment Opportunities for Local People.

Key Attributes

In-house Training and Capacity Building Center

Key Attributes

30 Hectare intensive farm infrastructure; 16 Ha of high-tech greenhouses (1 Ha each)

We supply weekly

Supporting smallholder farmers