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GGL Farm ticking many of the boxes of the “Malawi Growth and Development Strategy MGDS III” objectives (see “The Malawi Growth and Development Strategy IIII; Building a Productive, Competitive and Resilient Nation” September 2017).

This is no coincidence. Rather, the planners and investors from Inosselia group and from GoM have purposely developed a project that, in addition to creating reasonable returns and dividends shall also generate value added to the economy of Malawi, create productive employment opportunities, enhance on-farm knowledge transfer and operate efficient CSR programs. Among the MGDS III Key Priority Areas:

Increased agricultural production and productivity through:

  • Increasing agricultural mechanization
  • Promoting infrastructure investments for large scale irrigation schemes
  • Conducting and promoting research and use of appropriate technologies in irrigation
  • Enhancing technical and institutional capacities in irrigated agriculture
  • Increased agriculture market development, agro-processing and value addition
  • Promoting regional and global exports of value-added agricultural commodities
  • Supporting improvements in quality standards and grading systems for all agricultural commodities

Farm Produce in Food lovers Kanengo

  • Promoting the development of efficient and inclusive agricultural value chains
  • Promoting agricultural value addition and agro-processing
  • Promoting agricultural education and technical training for women, youth, and vulnerable groups
  • Improving efficient and sustainable use of water in all irrigation schemes

Education and skills Development through:

  • Improved access and equity in skills development training
  • Increasing training centres for skills development in the artisanal, technical and professional fields.
  • Ensuring the equitable participation of women and other marginalised groups in skills development training.
  • Enhancing workforce capacities and supportive systems
  • Improved productivity and quality of labour force
  • Linking up training institutions to companies for hands-on training.


GGL Farm “ticks” and fulfills practically all these goals that have been drafted by the Government of Malawi back in 2017 for a five-year implementation period until 2022.

The effective usage of underground water and drip irrigation, coupled with fertigation and liquid fertilizer applications substantially increase yields and quality. Moreover, grading, packing, branding and timely delivery to most of the high end offtakers in Malawi, demonstrates that smaller agro producers in the country can adopt from and emulate GGLs management procedures and achieve comparable results.

Farm produce is now supplied to almost all high-end off takers in Malawi (Shoprite, Food Lovers, Sanaa, Spar as a partial list). Produce that, in the past, was imported from South Africa. Thus, saving invaluable foreign currency to the country’s coffers.

GGLs technological developments and managerial expertise are capped by the CSR training center (partnering with Standard Bank) that transfers this knowledge and capacity to aspiring farmers, government officials and NGO beneficiaries.

(see launching of the CSR Training Center Program in adjoining news article and GGL in the Media)

GGL On-Farm Packing for Export

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